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Drugs and Alcohol Counseling


Drugs and Alcohol Counseling

Social, psychological, biological, and physiological factors often play a role in why a person comes to the point of abusing alcohol or drugs. Issues such as family history, peer pressure, being emotionally overwhelmed, or even ease of availability can increase the chances of a person developing a need for alcohol or drug abuse.

Talk therapy is a critical step in the process of substance abuse rehabilitation. Together we will set achievable short-term goals in the process of overcoming addiction. Once the patient regains their physical and emotional health, we will then work together to develop long-term goals to rebuild damaged relationships and feelings of guilt.

Talk therapy for parents of addicts: It is a frightening thing to find out your child has a substance abuse issue. Parents of those struggling with drug and alcohol addictions have shared that talk therapy has offered them some relief from the deep sadness they experience and given them some space from blame and shame. It is important for the parent to come to a point of understanding of why their child has gone down the substance abuse program, as often they can be the main source of help and support during the treatment process. This is a difficult and scary path to travel alone, please allow me to join you on this path.

Talk therapy for drug and alcohol addictions: Patients often report that one of the most challenging parts of recovery is leaving rehab and trying to make it back into society sober. Recovery can turn into a lonely path as you may choose to change your friend and places you used to hangout.

Talk therapy during the substance recovery and treatment process can have many benefits including:

  • Helping the addict to better understand the reason for his or her addiction and the consequences of her actions
  • Teaching self-control and coping techniques that can be used in challenging situations
  • Helping the person to recognize cravings and learn ways to avoid relapse
  • Providing an opportunity for the person and the therapist to discuss relationships and situations that may hinder recovery
  • Setting and reaching realistic goals

I am not here to judge you or your choices, and I know reaching out for help is not easy. Together we will identify the underlying issue which lead to your drug and alcohol addiction in the first place, and help you discover your strengths and potentials which have been dismissed due to your drug and alcohol addiction. We will help you create a meaningful life based on your values and what you find to be most important in life.


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